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My journey in respect of Matthew Shepard

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My journey to Laramie in Wyoming in respect of the late Matthew Wayne Shepard RIP


I was asked the other day what do I want to achieve from my visit. I always find that a rather insulting, ignorant and naïve question, especially when it comes from somebody you know. My friends and family understand my passion, belief and causes. The honest answer? Nothing to achieve, more a sense of feeling and understanding of Laramie. I’ve never been to mid USA, and Wyoming in particular. I understand it’s vast, windy, baron, but at the same time incredibly beautiful. I’m excited to be making this bittersweet journey to see The University Of Wyoming, meet and chat with some amazing people,  The Historic Downtown Laramie, with it’s bars and micro brewery’s, The Lincoln Highway, Interstate I 80, Clothes Shops, Laramie’s bespoke hub of industry and everything else that goes with such experiences. I’m sure a trip to Wyoming’s capital Cheyenne will be a certain.

Yes, Matthew most certainly a poster boy, and he always wanted to be famous. I don’t believe he was perfect, and in subsequent years, many different theory’s regarding his murder. I’m also not perfect, and we all have a little history connected with us. Matthew was the same. A little vulnerable, miss-guided and lonely like all of us at times. I’m impartial  I think to everything I’ve read. Matthew Shepard was also a friend of mine, a brother, and this trip is in his respect. Matthew was an OK lad, kind and liked by everyone, and  I’ll be able to have a few silent words of love, thought and respect to him and his family. Judy and Dennis Shepard created The Matthew Shepard Foundation, and continue to do good in respect of hate crime laws and justice.

I’m very excited about my journey, and look forward to sharing my trip, experiences and feelings.

Thank you to those of you who are reading this.



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